IMU Brick 2.0 Configuration

  • For those who want to install an IMU Brick 2.0 and also wants to follow the instructions on this Youtube video:

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    , please be aware that in case your IMU works well with the Tinkeforge software( Brick Viewer), but the IMU is not recognized by CEREA, take into consideration that it is also needed to write 1 on the following part of the CEREA Configuration file:





    imuV2Activated: 1

    rbtqMode: 0

    By doing this, you could save more than 7 hours of time moving like a chicken without head, which was our case, because we were doing all kind of modifications on the IMU firmware, Brickviewer version, drivers update, conections triple checking, etc, without satisfactory results until we wrote 1 as above field of the configuration file.

  • SCCB

    Changed the title of the thread from “IMU CONFIGURATION” to “IMU Brick 2.0 Configuration”.
  • Hi Dayhawk,

    By clicking on Cerea menu, Filter tag, IMU On, this doesnt modify the 1 on the configuration file, line: imuV2Activated: 1. T

    This number is modified only by entering into configuration file. At least, this happens in the latest Cerea version.

  • That is right. Some time ago, it was imuV1 delivered. In case if you own an imuV1, there has to be set a 0. For imuV2, it has to be a 1.