MF76-77 steering mount V2 1.0.0

Original design from :

Haverkate (Motor- antennehalterung für MF 7600)

Quentin59 (Couronne Massey)

Aim of this remix :

- Make a version for motor XC60PG60S

- Make a better locking system

- Increase the space in cab

- Decrease the small gear size (supposed to make guidance settings more easy to find and accurate)

Design to reach it :

- Spring loaded "emergency stop"

- Rod channel

- Endstop cut in the STR column support

- Motor support 15mm longer

- 12 tooth small gear (original is 19)

The big gear is unchanged!

Materials :

- all printed parts

- drilled plate with 4x M5 nuts welded (see video

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- 4X Flanged allen head srews according to your motor (M6x12 or 15 for XC60PG0S i don't know for the Phidget)

- 2X Allen head M5x20 (bottom of steering support)

- 2X Allen head M5x25 (top of steering support)

- 1X Allen head M6x60

- 1X M6 threaded rod (+-15cm) with 3mm hole on one end

- 2X M6 braked nuts

- 1X M3x25 (nut is optionnal)

- 1X Anet A8 bed spring (or equivalent)

Print settings:

- I advise to use an high temperature material (HT PLA for me) 0.2mm layers, infill 30 to 50%.

- Steering support must be steering column face on the bed, for this reason it will need supports on the bed only.

- Motor mount top on the bed, full supports (bed & inside the part).

- Locker must be handle up! 0.15mm layers, supports only on the bed.

  • Version 1.0.0